Successful Strategies Selling Monitoring

Monitoring is more than placing a box in the customer location.

It is about building a trust relationship that starts with using secure equipment for monitoring.

New Equipment Installs

This is the easiest way to get the customer acclimated to monitoring. While in warranty period, monitor the equipment. At the end of the warranty, offer a reasonable service plan to keep the customer engaged.

While the build out is occurring, setting up the necessary communications is done.

Consider the Customers Network

Customer are locking down network access so make sure we are able to use their infrastructure. This could mean that a router needs to be installed to bridge a room to the customers network. The customer may already have a VLAN with the av equipment separated from the corporate LAN.

Make sure you understand the customers network so their are no surprises during the implementation phase.

Install Equipment that can be Monitored

Use a Control System for Analog and Serial Equipment

Existing Equipment

Perform Site Survey as Part of Monitoring Setup

Manage Change in the Framework

Stay Ahead of Software Vulnerabilities