Monitoring Using Logs


Log file Processing

This is a powerful feature available for all devices that log files can be retrieved.

If log file processing is available then we can inspect the log files for User Defined strings and create alerts.

Enter the Strings Into the System

Log into Engineering.


Select Tables

Select WRD Tables


Maintain a Description

0070.PNG 0071.PNG

There is a single string line available for each entry.

The string is defined with a prefix which is striped when processing

The prefix is just nomenclature used to identify the manufacturer associated with the value

To prefix the string add

MFGR=xxxx:String Value

These codes can be migrated.

Setup an asset to scan for these values in the log files

Log into Engineering

Select the customer and asset to use log file monitoring.

Select the monitoring tab for the asset.


Select the strings to be scanned for and the next time a log file is sent to the hosting portal it will be scanned for the value.

If the value is found, a ticket is opened.