Monitoring Polycom


Polycom Monitoring

Polycom offers a unique problem for monitoring.

Log file retrieval on Polycom units can be done through Telnet only. Most corporate networks will not allow this. SSH access to polycoms is used for control.

If telnet is allowed, use it to retrieve log files.

Setup Polycom Telnet Access

Turn on Telnet on the Polycom unit. TELNET will be used by the agent to retrieve log files.

Update the Asset with the Authentication Credentials

Log into Engineering and go to the polycom asset to be monitored


Setting Up TELNET
Field Value
MIBS User Name Exact User Name in Polycom
MIBS User Protocol TELNET
MIBS User Passphrase Exact Password in Polycom

Enable the Protocol


Enable the Protocol
Field Value
SNMP Commands Select the Polycom device

Some items that can be monitored through telnet:

  • Polycom Sensor > 95 (CPU)
  • System Temperature > 85 (Case)
  • Fan Speed < 40

Polycom 8000 Monitoring

The 8000 monitoring is done by looging into the web interface and downloading the error log.

The credential supplied must be the admin user for the web interface.

Test the Configuration

Log into the agent.

Type /opt/bin/download

Type /opt/bin/phonehome

This process will download the latest configuration from the hosting portal and gather the information from the unit and populate the asset in Engineering

Wait 30 minutes and examine the asset in Engineering

Something like this should show up:


The best way to monitor polycom is to setup SNMP Trapping on the Polycom to send traps to the Agent. Unfortunately, these traps do not include hardware status.

Use ICMP Ping to determine if the unit is up.