Monitoring Crestron Fusion


Crestron Fusion Monitoring Interface

Fusion integration requires a email connector in the dealers email system. The connector should only be used to process input from a Fusion system.

The email address must not be the same email as notices, this will cause a email looop;

Fusion already relies on email notifications, so this should not be a problem in the customers network.

Add the connector email address to Fusion.

Make the following modifications to the email.

Crestron Simple Windows API
Message Location Field Value Delimiter
Message Subject #SOURCE= Source of the Failure  ;
Message Subject #ACTION= LinkUp to specify recovery, anything else to specify failure  ;
Message Subject #TYPE= Say what you want about the alert  ;
Message Subject #LOCATION= Physical address of failure  ;
Message Body #LOCIP= IP information  ;
Message Body #BUILDING= Building information  ;
Message Body #ROOM= Detailed room location  ;
Message Body #DEVICE= Device Make and Model  ;
Message Body #BULBSTATUS= Optional ror projectors  ;
Message Body #TEMPERATURESTATUS= Optional for environment  ;
Message Body #TIMESTAMP= Required to order emails mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss XX zzz (XX = AM or PM) (zzz = timezone)  ;

Auto Add Physical Location

"#BUILDING and #ROOM" becomes

The combination is checked against the framework Room Locations Table, if it does not exist it is added.

Auto Add Asset

"#DEVICE and #BUILDING and #LOCATION" becomes device.building.location

The combination is check against the framework Assets Table, if it does not exist it is added with an IP of

LinkUp action causes a recovery of the asset while all others will open a ticket.