Monitoring AMX


AMX Monitoring

AMX can only be monitored by retrieving the log files from SSH.

Log file retrieval on AMX units can be done through SSH only.

Setup AMX SSH Access

Turn on SSH on the AMX unit. SSH will be used by the agent to retrieve log files.

Update the AMX Program

The AMX program must write to the log file failures as they occur. The log file is retrieved and inspected for the following enteries:

Writing the Error Log File
Field Value
AVNOCERROR- Start of message
Use the AMX Log file API below to identify the asset.
NEWLINE End of message
Writing the Recovery Log File
Field Value
AVNOCRECOVERY- Start of message
Use the AMX Log file API below to identify the asset.
NEWLINE End of message

For each signal and its source add the corresponding API to the Signal

AMX Log File API
Field Value Delimiter
DEVICE- Brief Device Description ,
ROOM- Brief Description of the Room ,
BUILDING- Brief Description of Building ,
ACTION- PowerStatus or LinkStatus or InputStatus or TemperatureStatus or VoltageStatus or HumidityStatus or LampStatus or BatteryStatus or BulbStatus or ANYTHING TO BE REPORTED ,

Update the Asset with the Authentication Credentials

Log into Engineering and go to the AMX asset to be monitored


Setting Up TELNET
Field Value
MIBS User Name Exact User Name in AMX
MIBS User Protocol SSH
MIBS User Passphrase Exact Password in AMX

Enable the Protocol


Enable the Protocol
Field Value
SNMP Commands Select the AMX device

Test the Configuration

Log into the agent.

Type /opt/bin/download

Type /opt/bin/phonehome

This process will download the latest configuration from the hosting portal and gather the information from the unit and populate the asset in Engineering

Wait 30 minutes and examine the asset in Engineering

Something like this should show up: