Managing a MPLS Connection


MPLS Instructions

MPLS offers a network method to bridge ip networks through a connection by creating a virtual network that is used by the kernel to route packets to and from the agent.

Enable MPLS

As root on agent

modprobe mpls_router modprobe mpls_gso modprobe mpls_iptunnel

Setup veth to communicate wtih veth1

ip link add veth0 type veth peer name veth1

sysctl -w net.mpls.conf.veth0.input=1 sysctl -w net.mpls.conf.lo.input=1 sysctl -w net.mpls.platform_labels=1000001

Configure MPLS

The MPLS configuration requires 2 endpoints using predefined labels (security)

The labels assigned define the pathways between the two hosts. They must be distinct label for each connection.

host 1 ---> host 2 label 1000001 host 2 ---> host 1 label 1000002

This example is for single node connections.

Execute as root.

Create the veth0 (local) to veth1 (remote)

ifconfig veth0 up

ip netns add host1

ip netns exec host1 ifconfig lo up

ip netns exec host1 ifconfig veth1 up