Managing Power


Power Management

This feature allow a command to be executed by an Agent on the customers network.

The Agent long polls the hosting portal to see if any commands exist.

If a command exists then the agent executes the command on the sequenced power supply that support SNMP to boot a specific outlet.

This is a powerful first line diagnostics to solve a service problem prior to sending a service technician.

Setup a SNMP Capable Power System

Each manufacturer has their own way of setting up the sequencing.

Some of the common needs are:

  • SNMP community set to public
  • A permanent IP in the network
  • Access from the agent

Enable the SNMP Capable Power System in AVNOC

Add the asset as a monitored device.


Select Add a New Universal Power Control Plug Assignment

Select UPC and Add a new Universal Power Control Definition


UPC Fields

Field Value Required
Customer Id Use the UPC Definitions to define available UPCs that are manageable. This definition needs two additional tables setup. UPC MIBS defines the MIBS used to send to the managed device to shutdown and restart a particular plug and UPC Plugs whcih devines the device plugged into the managed UPC YES
Sequence YES
UPC Type This selection provides a list of currently supported UPCs YES
UPC IP Address Please provide the managed UPC IP Address YES
Last User NO
Last Date NO

Once a UPC master definition is setup individual outlets can be mapped to existing assets in the system


Select Add a New Universal Power Control Plug Assignment


UPC Outlet Fields

UPC Outlet Fields
Field Value Required
Customer Id Define the plug connections managed by the UPC
Sequence YES
UPC ID Managed UPC To define plug connections for YES
Select the PLUG Number to define an Asset for This is the plug number that the Asset is plugged into. YES
Select the Asset Plugged into this plug This is the Asset which will be power cycled. please take into consideration such things as biamps need to be posered before Crestron. YES
Last User NO
Last Date NO

Now the asset can be rebooted from the DashBoard or Launcher