Managing Agent HTTPS Prooxies


HTTPS Proxy Setup

A HTTPS Proxy may be necessary to send notices from the agent to the hosting portal.

The proxy require additional authentication information to log into the proxy and allow the outgoing traffic.

The Thre fields are:

  • PROXYIPADDRESS - The address of the proxy
  • PROXYUSERNAME - Proxy user name
  • PROXYPASSWORD - Proxy pass word

To setup this proxy log into Engineering


Add a new Connections Record


Customer VPN or Connections
Field Value Required
Customer Id YES
Sequence YES
Connection Alias PROXY YES
IP Connection Address IP Address of the proxy YES
User ID If Available User id for the proxy YES
Password or Connection Data Password for the proxy YES
Key Set NO
Configuration File 1 Type Select the type of file being uploaded for file position 1 NO
File For This Record Upload a file for this record NO
Last User NO
Last Date NO

These proxy commands are inserted into the notify-service-by-https and notify-host-by-https commands which are setup per asset on the monitoring tab.