The Launcher is a real time interface that delivers current ticket information in a easy to use sort capable format.




  • Customer - select a customer filter
  • Room - select a room filter
  • Type - select an asset type filter
  • Enable/Disable Refresh
  • Enable/Disable Audio

To return to the main screen press CLOSE

Clicking on a line in the main screen brings up ticket processing.



At the top of the display is the alert data and any activities that have been added.

In the middle is the means to add a new activity

At the bottom is currently dispatched and asset history.

Add Activity


Field Value Required
Customer Id YES
Line Number YES
Asset ID YES
Ticket Number YES
Add Date Time Activity Added YES
Add Time Time Activity Added YES
Activity Select the indicator for this ticket which represents the current diagnostic status of theis asset YES
Comment Enter any pertinent information about this ticket and the next step towards resolution. Please remember that the customer is able to review these comments. Be concise and accurate in your description. YES
Service Provider Select the service provider to assign to this activity. NO
Scheduled Arrive Scheduled Arrival date and time is assigned in the DashBoard NO
Arrive Arrival date and time is entered by clicking on arrive on the ticket. For manual entry the format is YYYY.MM.DD:HH:MM NO
Leave Arrival date and time is entered by clicking on leave on the ticket. For manual entry the format is YYYY.MM.DD:HH:MM:SS NO
Message Date Which Caused This Line to Be Opened Message Date is the date from the message used in this line. This field used for handling times when the smtp server queues messages after a netowrk outage and the messages are not in date order due to the resend charactistics of mail processing YYYYMMDDHHMMSS NO
Tokens Used for This Ticket Select number of Tokens used for this ticket. NO
Technician Performance On Ticket Select the Technician Performance. NO
Technician Explaination On Ticket Select the Technician Performance. NO
Signature File (PNG) Customer Signature Signoff for Ticket NO
Last User NO
Last Date NO

Some of the fields populate from the service console.

When you are done, click submit.

To close this screen click close.

Mass Update

To bulk update tickets, a customer and room filter need to be selected.




Link to the EiS (Executive Information System) system.

Dash Board

Link to the Dashboard (Customer Service Dashboard) system.


Link to the Service Console (Field Service Console) system.


Link to Engineering.

Plug In

Link to the Website Plugin for end customers.


Link to the World Map.