Dash Board

This is the interface where ticket management and information discovery is performed.


The top access bar loads the requested view. Engineering loads into a new browser tab.

The default view is the Dash Board which displays all of the customers and a summary of activities.

  • Dash Board - Default view of summary status information
  • Real time - Searchable auto refreshing ticket display
  • Map - View of locations
  • Reports - Filterable report or csv generator
  • Engineering - Load the configuration options



Displays a list of activities most recent first.


New Customer

Create a new customer in Engineering

Add Ast/Tkt

Provides the capability to add an asset or ticket. Assets here can be monitored or un monitored. At the bottom of the display is a list of all assets for the customer. Use this list to avoid conflicts for alias and ip address.

0051.PNG 0052.PNG 0053.PNG

The manage and new ticket functions are described here Engineering


Power is a interface which allows an agent to send SNMP Power commands to a sequenced power supply.


It takes about 2 minutes to complete processing. The agent contact the hosting portal to see if it has commands.


Files is an interface to provide easy access to files stored for an asset. These files can be downloaded and emailed to s field service technician.


The dash board provide an interface for help desk.