AVNOC Framework Applications

The framework is divided into multiple applications. We did this to minimize the load time by delivering what is needed where it is needed when it is needed.

With this implementation in mind, here are the application servers access urls.

Browser Cookie Management

Engineering uses cookies to store a session id. The session id does not contain login credentials. It is a placeholder for sustained session management. The applictions have been hardened against known attack vectors.

Strict processing rules are engaged to protect against threats.

If you are having trouble logging in:

  • Make sure cookies are enabled
  • Clear cookies for the application

Each browser handles cookie clearing in different ways. Most browsers allow you to clear cookies by clicking on the lock icon near the address bar.

Accessing the applications

Substitute your dns name or ip address for YOURHOSTINGDOMAIN.

These urls use userid/password pairs for authentication.

These urls use a pin number for authentication

Multi Tenant

The framework includes rules for Multi Tenant processing. User Logins and pin numbers can be assigned to users such that the data presented is their data only. They will be unable to see other tenants in the system.

Master Customer

Multi tenant processing allows for a tenant to have access to multiple customers networks through the use of Master Customers where authorization details point to a group of tenants.